Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Gal!!!!!

Tell me how you feel if your birthday falls on a day where everyone around the school vicinity are seem clinging to their books. I would definitely start sighing and ranting not forgetting cursing the school for stretching the examination dates till my birthday. But for a beautiful, sweet and never forgetting smarty pants like Divya she would never complained about the examination dates which always coincides with her birthday. Some people around her realise that she needs a perfect getaway. And its none other than yours truly. I started pestering and provoking her to join us for a trip of 'lepaking' in jusco and she declined our kind offer politely.Seeing as Plan A fails I move on to Plan B. Plan B is all about taking charge of her tuition days and calling her parents up to ask for approval.Nevertheless Plan B experinces failure too. I'm never going to give up. I'm adamant in whatever I'm doing.I need more energy, force and this eventually leads to an intake of a new member in my team. Stonger and bolder. I don't believe that we'll not be able to do it. A thought started blinking in my mind after discussing this with Shankry.


Fantastic. A round up applause for yours truly and Shankry. However what is Plan C?????? Shankry and I now are joining forces with few of our close friends like Nivashini........and we also assigned jobs to few other supporting friends like Niva twin sister, Kavitha, Lilian , Lynnette and Uma to zip up their mouth and not let the cat out of the bag. Niva did a great job same goes to all the other members. Really satiesfied with the outcome.
Let me go into this a bit deeper. Shankry also known as the Ministry of Communication will have to have words with Divya family and tell them about our plan.Me on the other hand will do things like booking the venue, calling up friends and making everyone promise not to spill the beans. At first we were quite disappointed when Divya's sis smsed us back
Hey let me give you a suggestion.Why not you guys change the place?
I sinked on my chair upon hearing that news. But we eventually started assuring her and telling her ' its alright akka" , " we went and check out the place and its ok" and so on until we received a yes go on do it.
On that important day, I woke up at 6.50a.m(not because i'm feeling jittery) . Its because Shankry's got no transport so I need to join my bro for tennis so that its easier for her mum to chaeffeur her there. We came back,took a quick bath, and rushed to the bakery shop. The Baker's Cottage as usual offer a variety of choices. Eventually we need to come to an agreement whether to go for a chocolate cake or Expresso essential. The chocolate cake looks so plain whereas that Expresso essential is decorated with strawberries and chocolate on top. We got not much time to decide so we took the Expresso Essential and I assured Shankry it'll be delicious. Morover I'm a loyal customer of Bakers Cottage. From there we headed to Lynn's house and as usual we need to wait for her. We received a sms from Niva
Please be aware. All of us are in jusco already
Which means that we need to try to avoid them. Here I would like to convey my utmost gratitude to Ms Lilian Tang for helping us carry the cake all the way. We rushed in (some ppl might think that we just escape from Zoo Negara but at this point of time who cares) and push our way through and headed straight to Green Box. When we reached there, gasping for air, the attendant told us that we need to be back a few more minutes . We sighed and M.O.C(Shankry) suggested that all of us go get some presents for Divya in a souvenir shop.......I immediately called Niva and asked her to delay the time and not bring Divya to the 2nd floor. At about 11.06a.m while the lady in the souvenir shop still in the process of wrapping our presents Shankry and I ran back all the way to Green Box and checked-in to our room. The room number was still vivid in my mind-no 17. We went inside the room and Shankry started playing with the microphone and I was fiddling with my handphone wondering why the heck they take such a long time to wrap 3 presents. Soon we were joined by Lyn and Lilian.....Why we need both of them in such a hurry????We need tha cake.....Alright we placed the cake on the table started lighting it and praticing singing the birthday song(which at last doesn't even bring any benefits). 'She's here, she's here" Niva shouted to me on the phone. We off the lights and started hiding. Divya and her friends burst into the rooms and all four of us were speechless....come on the birthday song..I gawked at Shankry and she inturn gawked at Lynn and then only someone exlaimed 1,2,3
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy birthday to Divya
Happy Birthday to you
Whoosh!!!All the candles were blown out..If its for me I would tell you that not only the candles will be blown but microorganisms will also be on the surface of the cake.We had a great time there and before I end this entry...Happy Birthday Divya!!!!!!

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