Saturday, November 08, 2008

So yeah!!This is my class T-shirt.Design and printing of the T-shirt is courtesy of Ms Tan Yenn Yenn whilst the words printed are brainstormed by all of us.All of us means the 'Great Foursome'. It was rather funny when we were arguing on the words that should be printed on the T-shirt.

After all the commotion four of us finally agreed on 'The Class of Bigmouths' .But hey Yenn I think 'The Class of Weirdos' will be more appropriate seeing that my class people are all weird.

We had our class party today in Pizza Hut.The number of people who turned up were rather pathetic.Weird people don't turn up for parties. Look 4 Dedikasi is having a really cool class party-They're having a picnic in Botanic Garden Park.So cool right!!!!Before we actually decided to have our class party in Pizza Hut, we actually did suggest a few places like:

1. Green Box
2. Theatre
3. Berkeley Corner(too bad not halal)

And I remembered someone suggested we had Bah Kut Teh seeing that our class is short of funds.Again weird people. I was like telling Rhenu that I wanted a very cool class party very dearly.So both of us started brainstorming. And then I was like:

Pz: Hey I've got a fab idea!!
Pz:OMG!!Its so cool.It'll be better than the 4 Dedikasi's wan.
Pz: Each of us bring some food then we party on the street in front of our school.

Hey c'mon partying on the street is not really a bad idea.Is it????

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