Sunday, November 02, 2008


'Come on.Come on.Sleep.Pei Zhen,no more exams.SLEEP!!!!'
Its past 1a.m already and I'm still awake.Alright I did some breathing exercise and I resolved to sleep after that.
Guess what-I woke up at 7.30a.m.I woke up at 7.30a.m on a Sunday.I don't mind getting up at 7.30a.m for tennis or for school.But come on I woke up at 7.30am on a Sunday when I got no programs planned neither do I need to go to school.
I did my usual thing of switching my position of sleeping.I craned my neck and stared at my brother who was sleeping peacefully.And I go like 'HOW NICE IF I CAN SLEEP LIKE YOU'
I tried going back to sleep but I ended up staring at the ceiling till 9.30am.
I thought of enrolling myself into a yoga class.I'll try and ask my parents.

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