Monday, November 03, 2008


My whole class were supposed to write their ambitions in a piece of paper.Almost the whole class wrote their ambitions or rather their dreams in that paper.Ok,so we got the paper.

The Chemistry teacher was busy discussing some questions and making amendments. Rhenu and me began doing our KEPO job by browsing through other people's ambition.We laughed so hard till the Chemistry teacher shot us a stern look.Plus you know the way Rhenu laughed.You should know!!!

Here are some of the funny ambitions:
Amelia:Perdana Menteri,Ahli politik dan ahli arkeologi

Rhenu and me were like laughing and at the same time dragging the word we never finished the word ri.

Sri Dahinoor:
Brand manager(quite reasonable)
Model in Jamaica(hahahhahah)
Own a kingdom(hahahahh)

So Rhenu, me,Yenn and I-vie decided to write something stupid.Besides it doesn't matter because almost three quarter of the class were writing some sort of rubbish ambition.
So my ambition is to be a...Behold:
No 1. Tennis Player
Prince William's wife

Rhenu's one:
No 1 Tennis Player
Brand Manager
Politician's wife

I-vie and Yenn decided to write something more sensible.But I did recomend them to write soft cups analyser.I'll tell you what is soft cups in the next entry.

So I was like telling Rhenu.
me:Why do you want to be a politician's wife?
Rhenu: Cannot ah
me: Which politician?
Rhenu:Samy Vellu

So I wrote Samy Vellu's wife in Rhenu's column instead of politician's wife and passed it back.

I almost wrote Donald Trump's children.My ambition kay

I always say when you marry someone filthy rich you'll 'EAT GOOD,SLEEP GOOD,SHIT GOOD'.

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