Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Guess what.Yesterday I was feeling very elated after hanging up with Sherrie.Today I'm feeling the opposite -upset.I don't believe people undergoing transformation in their life.I had knew Sherrie for all my life.Who knows her better if its not me???She might say the exact thing to me and I thoroughly agree with her.She definitely knows me better than any of my friends.

But you know how some people try to convince other people that they change a lot in life.And I don't give a heck on those people.Be yourself.Why must you change??Definitely changing for the better is very essential.But how long can you bear to pretend and feign yourself in front of people.How long-a year, two or a decade???How long??????

I was blessed with opportunities to see how people transform and revamp themselves in their life.Transformation factors might range from seducing guys to starting over a new leaf or just merely for fun.I don't get the point.The type of people that I'll try my best to avoid is people who fakes and people who make up stories.

Why bother feigning???Are you happy with the feigning life you're leading??Are you a person who responds to jokes you don't find humorous????Just by pretending what do you get in the long run??

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