Friday, February 27, 2009


No insomnia , no sleep apnea.Yeah, my sleep was not very good for the first two days but after that WOW________

Though I had managed to get enough sleep,I also managed to screw up almost all the papers.And I'm not trying to feign modest right here.Remember I hate people who feign!!!!

Tomorrow co-curricular activities will go on as usual and Rhenu and I have something really important to tell our cheerleaders.SO DUMB!!!

I am still contemplating on whether or not to go for a swim before going to school tomorrow.I am still in the process of weighing the pros and cons.
Pros:It will be so cool going to school after a swim,I haven't swim in ages
Con:I have to get up extra early


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Tan Wei Hon 'aka' Cyber said...

hey peizhen are u coming to the sri lethia iu night on the 11th of april? pls gv me a message 014-2334630. thanks. james here.