Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mundane me!!!

It's tough going through life feeling like you just don't belong and you're not good enough.
That feeling and way of thinking about yourself is affecting your life. You feel like the people around are leading better lives and you don't know how to get your life in that direction.
Everyone has their fears. Fears of getting rejected, humiliated and left??? What are your fears???
Being part of the younger generations, I too posses my very own signature fears. I'll tell you what were my fears(still are) and the bizarre habit I acquire to overcome the fear:
1.If you realise, I often crane my neck behind to check whether my skirt is fasten up safely.
2.When I reckon I'm having bad breath, I'll take big gulps of water(some people might be thinking I'm so 'dahaga'.)
3.Every time I visit a coffee shop, I'll be peering under the table every seconds to check out for cats and I'll be like pretending I'm adjusting my chair-fear for animals
4.Whenever I get jealous of someone else's possession I'll go into my usual daydreaming
5.When I find something hilarious and others don't I'll go like 'not funny'
6.When I think about working with someone not in my favour, I'll start sighing all day long
7.When my grades are bad, I'll be nibbling every available nails left on my fingers
Hey I realise that the aforementioned don't sounds like my fears.It sounds more like my bizarre habits.

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