Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Let me see. Where to begin????

Iri(Presiden) and Seah Yih(Vice Presiden) stood in front of the class, trying extremely hard to get our attention. Here is where the story begins.Hahah. It actually sounds hilarious to me. Iri and Seah Yih were call to meet our Add maths teacher in the staffroom(i guess). And then there they were summoned by 4 different subject teachers. They were told about how badly we behave,how we sleep in the class,how we don't wish teacher properly, how we don't respect them, how we provoke and how we iritate them. And to add it on a few teachers(those we were no more teaching us or never taught us before) came and join in this spectacular teacher's forum.Hahaha. Teachers do gossip right. Some teachers even said that the students kept asking for answer and she needs to repeat the answer.Hey c'mon you're a teacher right,you should be able to give an answer to your question or simple-just write it down.

The teachers hope to see a tremendous change in our attitude as while as our behaviour. The funny part was like Iri said
" We were like summoned by a gang of teachers and its like only two of us"

And then I was like " what's the ratio"

I miss out something. And all the teachers agreed that my class was the worst Form 4 class ever in the history of MGS. Hey c'mon this is not bad new.At least we get to be in MGS BOOK OF RECORDS. Yeah right

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