Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Should I or should i not?????

The previous post I've been ranting all about camping and stuff. I'm feeling very ecstatic and jittery at the same time. I can never imagine me sleeping in a tent with mosquitoes and insects all around me.

Dad has got me a mosquito repellent and I'm intending to use it to the max. I've planted my hatred towards insects since I've got stung by a bee last year. Insects are just irritating, though some do not really bring any harm to you. I know i sound pampered but I promise I'll try not to make a fool out of myself............I promise not to squeak and scream at the sight of leeches, not to sigh and complain during the camp.......I promise only under certain circumstances..........

Should I or should I not bring my mobile for this excursion??? The coverage is pratically nil right there.. Why bring??Why???

Why pay money to suffer???

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