Saturday, April 05, 2008

I'm Back

I am elated, thrilled, overjoyed,jubilant and etc...

I can never believe that I'd just completed my leadership camp

Accommodating in the middle of a jungle is not an easy task

But I'm glad that I was not bitten by leeches, bees and delighted to say not even mosquitoes

I enjoyed most of the activities planned for us

Nevertheless the worst part is that my leg started aching on the 2Nd day
and I was excused for jungle trekking and obstacle course
We had numerous meals right there
And it was what everyone had expected
the same goes to the latrine
The tent was cramp and too small to fit in 5 person together with our luggage
Due to our carelessness of not securing the tent properly our tent experienced leakage
As a result , we were drenched and forced to sleep in a damp,moist and stuffy tent
I came back yesterday and proud to say that i'm officially sick
I'm having severe sore throat and fever
I felt dizzy and vomited numerous times
I am sick

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