Wednesday, April 23, 2008

an incident!!!

I heard a peculiar sound, seems like an animal whining. I quickened my pace. I saw a mother dog looking lost .The whining grew louder as I walked further. I knew that for the past few days a mother dog had give birth to five cute pups. Through what I have heard, few pups died in agony in which I'd never took note of the details of death.

But the whining never stopped as I approached the place of incident. I was curious.I bent down to make sure that it wasn't under my dad's car. I tried to trace the whining. I looked around me before entering the car to go to school.Before my dad drove off, my neighbour pointed towards the drain the one which my neighbour and my family shared. I knew for sure that the pup was there.

My heart sank deep inside. I shed some silent tears and did a quick prayer seeking God to protect the dog. That incident however had affect me the whole day.

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