Saturday, September 11, 2010

Humans as we know are extraordinary creature bestowed by God with the ability to speak, have feelings, to walk with two legs, and etc.But the thing about us is that  we complain just too much..Maybe not everyone but there's this circle that complain and complain and complain and keep on complaining. And sadly to say,I belong to this rare bunch..And miserably, I despise it..Not most of the time but at times..

The thing about people who complain too much is that it just get on your nerves.And different people do it in different degree.By 'it',I meant complaining. To rate it on a scale of 1-10, people on a scale of 1 would complain minimally, once in a blue moon and sometimes never.And as you go up the hierachy, it gets worst..It goes from slowly complaining about the weather to getting fussy into tiny and smaller details of everything.And man,its ANNONYING.I would settle on a scale of maybe say 4 or 5 , but that's life..If you don't rant about how pathetic it sounds, it'll be bottled up and this sucks.

Yeah, its kinda hilarious why I'm writing a whole lot about complaining.Because for God's sake, I've been ranting about how mundane my holidays have been and I've got another week to bear. And the thing about certain people is that we continue ranting and we make no whatsoever attempts in trying to curb it. But I don't belong right there.Because I've done every possible thing I imagine. I'd finished almost 2 storybooks, done SUDOKU,read and read, catch up with my royalty news,play,exercise...what else..Alright...yeah......

STUDY...i got it!!

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