Saturday, July 24, 2010


1. My eczema is getting from bad to worst. And its worrying my parents a lot, especially my dad  cause
eczema means frequent usage of steroid.

2. It's been a LONG time since I last watched a show that moved me to tears. I spent my evening watching
 My Sister's Keeper..And surprisingly it turned out better than I'd expected. Though I like the book
better..And while we are on the topics of movies, I managed to catch Inception with my classmates last
Friday..A show worth spending 2 hours 30 minutes in the cinema. Extraordinary though I don't really get
fractions of the show..Am planning to watch it again sometime next week!!:)

3. I'd basically wasted my whole Saturday doing NOTHING!!!! And while I always believe that Saturday is
a day for doing something more leisure and relaxing,today its just different.I was literally out the whole
day. But on a more delighted note,I had a really decent dinner with my parents whilst my brother was in his
friend's house...I managed to fill my dad in with current things happening in my life ranging from an array of
topics such as my new friends, studies and a little bit about general stuff.

4. I need GUTS...

5.Trials in 30 days or so, and yet I've done no whatsoever attempts in pushing my oh -so -poor grades  

6. I'm having  very bad cravings for waffles...waffles with cold ice-cream..OMG..this is BAD..especially
when I'm trying shed some pounds now....

7. Tennis is addictive!!!!

8. I missed Sri Lethia...(maybe not so much of the school  but the people in it)

9. I'd depression once a long time ago( to all my new friends who don't know about this)...and I'm not
ashamed of it in any way....and PLEASE AR, I'M NOT SIAO!!!...I have depression because I had very
chronic sleep apnea..I can go on  not sleeping entirely for two or three days.And it's not because I do not
want to sleep but just because I CAN'T!!!


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