Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'll never stop trying

4 more days and that's it.That's it.There goes the mid-term that I'd completely screwed up.Not trying to feign modest here but this is serious.And I mean it.Chemistry 1 and Sejarah 1 tomorrow.Yeah,I know I should be in the study right now memorizing Pakatan Murni and Gerakan Islah...blah....blah..blah.....Anyway I'm not because if I am I would not be here striding my tabby fingers across the keyboard.

So while I was trying to reach out for some revision books,a thin envelope slipped and fell making its way through the air before landing forlornly on the ground.In the beginning I didn't bother much of its existence and I just resorted to picking it up and stacking it back to the pile of books.But something,something just made me so curious of the contents of the envelope.A red one.As long as I can recall,I don't usually keep envelopes in my room.
Very slowly I unsealed the envelope and all of a sudden I started shaking.

It's not everyday that your friends do something extraordinary for you.And it definitely takes a lot of effort and passion to do this.It's very visible that the exams had done a mess to our relationship and triggered it at an alarming rate.But foursome let me tell you what:-I'll never ever stop trying no matter how hard I'll try to preserve our relationship.Let me assure you that what we had built yesterday is so strong and rigid that nothing can take it away from us.Absolutely nothing.It's not how much time we spend together but how much we had gone through already.

You'll know what I'm talking about if you had watched 'Sisterhood of the Travelling Pant'.

Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm so prone

This week had been a very intense one.Our mid-year is stretching right up till the end of May.So I sort of like have an E-May(Exam May) this year.Speaking about exams,my sleep was not too bad.I still managed to sleep in for more than 4 hours.Consider good ok.

This exam also I seriously screwed up all the papers that I'd sat for.I screwed it till the very end.Lately I felt like I'd been very careless in my exams which I don't used to.Its alright getting a slash for questions you do not know but its an awful feeling making small mistakes and getting a mark that you don't deserved.So I sort of figured out why I'm so careless lately.I read through some articles and it was stated that a factor of carelessness is PMS.Gosh!!That would be absolutely right!!!PMS!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

The one

I'm back!!Yeah!!Haven't been updating for quite some time.The reason is I reckon withdrawing myself from the blogging sphere, can actually help me deal with my emotions:-more to like acting more natural and less feigning.

Moving on.Mid-term exam in a week's time.I'm making every arduous attempt to digest as much as I can and at the same time trying to not to think about my sleep.Recently my class made a trip to Taylor's College.Being in Taylor's actually trigger me to think more about what I'll be doing later on in life.

Many a times,people just tend to make wrong moves in their life or simply made the wrong decision about their future.I wouldn't dare say I'm any better but the thing here is many people think that being a medical doctor is so great, so prestige.Yeah, indeed being a medical doctor is prestige but is social status enough to outcome passion???

The idea of becoming a medical doctor once crossed my life,but man I got over it.When reality comes knocking,I knew that I'm not good enough and will never be good.So why choose something beyond your capabilities??And then I knew that with my capabilities I need to opt for something lower.Which means that I can safely discard medicine and pharmacy out of my deck of cards.And there is where I come across my passion for food.

I want to be a nutritionist and a dietitian and I'm adamant that I'll make it one day.From that day when I discovered I'd this passion towards vitamins,I've been reading a lot about nutrition since then.From latest discoveries to old facts , I digest it like I'm all ready to start college.With my stern eating habits which varies from no pork to less meat,I guess I'll make a good nutritionist.
Nah, its all just a dream.
By the way,I'm trying to lose weight in an extraordinary way.No starving,no severe exercising.Will be blogging about it soon!!!