Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm so prone

This week had been a very intense one.Our mid-year is stretching right up till the end of May.So I sort of like have an E-May(Exam May) this year.Speaking about exams,my sleep was not too bad.I still managed to sleep in for more than 4 hours.Consider good ok.

This exam also I seriously screwed up all the papers that I'd sat for.I screwed it till the very end.Lately I felt like I'd been very careless in my exams which I don't used to.Its alright getting a slash for questions you do not know but its an awful feeling making small mistakes and getting a mark that you don't deserved.So I sort of figured out why I'm so careless lately.I read through some articles and it was stated that a factor of carelessness is PMS.Gosh!!That would be absolutely right!!!PMS!

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