Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I'm actually quite ecstatic for camp this year.Very enthusiastic and excited.To prove my enthusiasm,I'd actually prepared a list on what to bring and what not and carefully typed and printed it out earlier.My instinct says that camp this year is going to rock.How far my instinct is true,you've gotta wait for me to be back and tell you about it???

Maybe part of why I'm so ravenous about camp this year is because I get to skip school for two days.Furthermore this year I'll be going with one of my close buddies-Ivy.And also I'm not that worry about camp this year because we're staying in a dorm instead of the usual tent.The latrines should be much more cleaner and modern compared to the one last year.I just have this bizarre feeling that the camp will turn out good.

Also this year,I'm bringing a whole bottle of vitamin C and multivitamin with me to strengthen my immune system.I would never want to come back half dead again because I have something very vital going on on Sunday.So be positive.

Till then


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