Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Not Really

If you were to count and total up the number of mere acquaintances I'd known, you'll be weary and out breath once you get your job done.However if you were about to count the number of super super very very close acquaintances I had, you'll just get it done within seconds.I'm adamant that I knew myself better than anyone does.I choose my friends.It doesn't mean that I'll rather hang out with someone whose parents are wealthier or a person who is smarter.Till now I find it rather difficult to communicate with everyone or in simple words I don't feel comfortable with everyone.

Honestly speaking ,I went through six years of primary schooling with only one friend and that particular person was my best friend.So its kind of hard for both of us to accept the fact when each of us went to a different path.That's not my point.My point is I still find it very impossible to detach with someone so close to me after undergoing a very concrete relationship.

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