Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I'm or I'm not

I was swirling and dancing across my room with a black velvet dress.It was my first time wearing the dress after getting it from Miss Selfridge a year ago.Though the tight bodice suffocated me ,I made zero attempt in removing the attire.I reflected myself for the very last time and nodded for agreement.I grabbed my miniature handbag and stuffed my cell phone inside.Minutes later I found myself staring at someone so familiar.She craned her neck and both of us gawked in disbelief.

"Oh my gosh.You look totally as in totally different"
"Yeah you too".

We clung hands and walked into the Japanese.The lavish interior made both of us gasped and there were familiar murmurs that were getting clearer as we made our way in.There we were greeted by almost everyone we knew.

The incident aforementioned clearly described the happening of a class reunion.Its been years since we'd parted and each of us went to a different path.All of a sudden this whole event flashes back to me.I felt vulnerable thinking about the times we bid goodbye and comforting each other that we'll kept in touch.After all,Sri Lethia once seemed like a second home to me.I spent almost a decade there and as a person with feelings I still felt the lost.

I'm getting emotional day by day.

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