Sunday, September 07, 2008

Fantasy world

Here is how it goes. My dad got this group of friends in which they will meet up for dinner almost every week. This group of retiree forks out hundreds and sometimes thousands of ringgit for dinner,alcohol and holidays(leave my dad out). And while waiting for them to finish,my brother and I had done something really creative and surprisingly our foolish act did impress some of this folks. We cut the grapes into smaller chunks and fit it inside the chopstick. Like this:

We even took the chopstick back with us. Hey.No worries.That chopstick is just like a piece of dirt to that restaurant which earns thousands and millions per annum.

Moving on

Exams pressure is back. I yearn for a swim or a game of tennis.Anyone?

I guess I owe someone an apology.Actually no. I don't know. Wanna know the story:- Here's how it goes.Mr Choo and me and my bro were supposed to be meeting up for tennis at 4.30. But then out of the sudden it started pouring very heavily. But I guessed the weather in the court was quite fine. I reckoned he was quite pissed off with me from the tome of his sms. Tell me what I should do???

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Justine said...

Hello! I'm sorry I don't know who you are although I've seen you in school before. Thanks for following my blog! :) This may be a little late but you should apologise. Be the bigger person regardless of whose fault it was. :D I love tennis, too, but haven't been playing it for an immeasurably long time. ;( Time constraints. All the best for your finals! Drop a comment sometime. I had no idea there was a lurker at my blog. Hehe. Take care and enjoy what's left of the holidays!