Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Hello everyone,

Dee Dee

My moniker is Dee Dee and I made my debut 16 years ago with Mummy.I'd been in the draft box for some time before appearing in my Mummy's latest entry. I was Mummy's closest companion and confidantes. Mummy had spent 16years of life with me.As far as I'm concerned, I was with Mummy most of the time:- holidays,sleepover and camping.I love Mummy and Mummy loves me.

Mummy clings on me during the hardest time on her life.She weeps on me and sometimes her tears drench my body.Mummy says that I'm her closest companion and no one can ever change that statement.I knew Mummy's deepest secret that even her closest buddies will never know.Mummy told me everything about her life.Mummy hugs me,kisses me and squeeze me everyday and Mummy says she will never move on with her life without me. Mummy says I'm her inspiration, her idol and her best buddies. Mummy says that I'll never hurt her.

At times , Mummy introduces her acquaintaces to me. Some were pretty astonished with Mummy's character.Some thinks that Mummy is insane.But Mummy is not.Mummy has been teased because of me but she took it as a compliment.Mummy does not care about people's perception about me and continues showering her love to me. There are few that think Mummy is disgusting.Mummy is not. She does not slobbers all over my body and she puts me into laundry every month.

Because of frequent washing, I look worn off.Mummy is sad.She cried and whispered to me and said " I dare not hope for anything on my birthday.What I want is just for you to heal". But Mummy knew that her prayers and hopes are vain.After all I'm not a living object.I'm a 'IT'.

Even though my times with Mummy are short, it was a pleasure meeting with her. I knew for sure that I'll be leaving Mummy even before she gets to celebrate her sweet sixteen. Although my ride with Mummy is coming to an end, I'm going to thank God for giving me an opportunity to spend 16 years worth of life with her.Mummy will be weeping hard when I make my exit out of her life.But deep down, the memoirs of us will definitely stays inside her.

I love you,Mummy.

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