Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm Back!!!

Rhenu, I-vie and (piece of cake) have been provoking me to update my lifeless blog.Alright so today, I make an initiative to sit down and began writing what I'd left out. Life's obviously back as usual.Of course, I'd been much dreaming of a longer holiday. Let me just fill you in with what I did during the two weeks holidays(briefly). I spent most of the mornings getting up at noon, watching sucking shows, lolling all around the bed then got up, went downstairs hoping to get a quick bite but much to my dismay and eventually climbed up and flopped myself again on the bed.It just goes on and on until...............................two days before school reopen.My mind started racing and my heart started beating at an incredible rate.Alright I'm exaggerating . It's the night before school reopen.I can't dissolve into my dreams. My lids were heavy but it's impossible to sleep. I began counting sheeps.Tell you what.Counting sheeps will never work for me. Maybe counting tennis rackets does.

I was yawning all the way in school on Monday. Moving on my grades. For now I can say that it's mediocre but soon....I don't know. I can feel my hair standing behind my neck already. Alright that's all for me.Realise something bizarre. Actually NOTHING!!! It's the chatterbox.Leave me a comment. Till then.Goodbye and goodnight!!!

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