Monday, June 16, 2008


"Esok, esok saya akan bagi.Belum habis tanda"
The next lesson
"Esoklah.Hampir habis tanda"
The next lesson
"Esok.Dah habis.Nak check balik"

Above is the conversation between me and my so called ancient, 'magnificent (as in two big inverted commas) teacher. After every conversation, it took me several minutes to figure out what are these teachers doing during the two weeks holiday. One of my friend was like "Cikgu kamu pergi Canada ke?" Hey realize something in the conversation aforementioned-gaya bahasa: anafora-perkataan esok.....We have three sejarah periods in a week.My whole class were in the library most of the time when he enters.Personally , I don't mine. In fact I was incredulously excited to go to the library.Alright I'm lying. Ok, he makes an initiative to distribute our papers today although he has 10 more minutes left.My Sejarah mark was not what I had expected.But Rhenu was like saying please be satisfy with your marks.I began going through the paper and I'm really proud to say that he make amendments for my language instead of my points. And I was like marching up to the teacher's table asking him about my points. Guess what he said.

Every point you have you'll actually get 1 mark.Thats the truth.But for my Sej teacher he takes into account the language too.C'mon you're learning Sej.As long as you got the point or the keyword there, thats it.I was like arguing with him and you know what this tabby man in baggy pants said

"Betul.Awak punya isi ada di situ, tapi saya dah bagi markah untuk kamu punya bahasa yang lain.Baik awak pergi sebelum saya tolak markah kamu.Dah tinggi tahu kamu dapat." I was stunned and like what the hell.

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