Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Another dreary Tuesday!!!!!

I hate the dreariness of my everyday life!!!Its either tv tv tv or com com com.
Why can't I have more choices????
Thought of updating this blog yesterday
my poor computer was infected with virus
woke up feeling quite peculiar
thought of kai fan(chicken rice)
went all the way to Eng Ann for the kai fan
sigh when mum said kedai tutup
end up settling down in a coffee shop near klang parade
went to klang parade
get my wrist watch done
bought some DVDS
went home
Mr Choo called
as usual went for tennis
feeling quite disappointed with my tennis strokes
went home-have dinner
took a warm cozy shower
Divya smsed
Hey pei zhen PMR results coming out on 27th December and confirm
Hands trembling,heart rate beating faster then usual
called Shanz
informed her about the news
shared the same anxiety
convincing each another that its impossible to get 7A's
told her about my funny instinct i have
Honestly experience always teach me that my instinct are right
Feeling uneasy I eventually decided to post a blog
I reckon that i'll write about my day in Malacca some other time

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