Wednesday, November 17, 2010

If you haven't already know it or yet to find out.This is it:


Like okay, who cares.Who give a damn about him getting married???Okay, yeah I know I do.I don't.I don't.I don't.I don't.I don't.

But you see the point is, it just makes headlines everywhere and you've gotta deal with it. One minute you think it's no big deal and the next you've gotta follow the craze of the crowd. FUTURE KING IS GETTING MARRIED!!!YAY!!YAY!!HOORAY!!

For these few days or so, I reckon I'm gonna have to avoid getting my daily dose of celebrity news.Because Prince William and his future fake bride to be is gonna grace the entire page. I seriously don't get the hype.It's not like they have done something noble enough for the people.And don't even start comparing Kate Middleton with Princess Diana..DON'T!!

I guess I'm gonna stop right here.Cause if I am to go on,I'm worried those FBI people will come get me or something like that.It's a joyous occasion.Let's celebrate people!!

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