Monday, December 14, 2009

Yesterday and Today

Seconds tick,hours pass, days gone by,friends change but nothing in me change since then.Nothing.I still love dancing to the sounds of Schubert in the dark.I still love the taste of my nails.I still cry in bed,falling asleep in the end.I still let the hot tears flow into my goggles when I swim.I still love swimming and tennis as ever.I still love playing dress up when no one's at home.

So yeah!!!My dad was like telling me that he never regretted placing me in public school 5 years ago.He never told me the reason for it.But I could guess.Perhaps in these 5 years, I'd mature more than ever.And yes!!!!!5 years was like enlightenment for me.I learnt the harsh reality of life,of not taking the easy way out and most of all standing up to what I believe most.I fought hard for what I want and not take life for granted.I understood hardships and how money plays such important roles in some people's life.

I did not change completely.I mature.I'm still the same girl inside.The same girl who would splash her money buying a new swimsuit for her friend's pool party.The girl who gossips in the loo.And most importantly the girl who stands by her best friend when she's in trouble.

What's different now and then would be:-I won't splash my money buying a new swimsuit when I already have one.

Perhaps,I did change.She's right.

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