Wednesday, December 09, 2009

What Happened???

Few months back, I was all full of ideas on how to uplift my blog, one of which was to transform it to a royalty page.That was few months ago.Today, however I feel the other way round.I feel like shutting it for good.For good.No more rants,no more pathetic sighs.Why bother managing a blog when you can't really express your true thoughts about things???My point is that not all things are worth sharing to others.

On a lighter and more ravenous note, I watched The Young Victoria for the third time.I promised if you're up for something romantic and elegant,this is it.You've gotta watch this.Its much, much like 4x much better than any pathetic romance movies.I still feel emotional despite watching it for the third time.Trust me.You'll adore it.

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