Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Yeah.Rather than writing 'My holidays are mundane or My days are dreary' and continue ranting about how pathetic I felt during the holidays,I decided to take a meditation break.Yeah, so I'd been meditating lately.A lot.I felt so much more elated and my days are cheerful.So I guess this means I'm back.

Seeing as nothing extraordinary is going to take off during this holiday,I'd planned my entry very carefully.Today is one of the day where the mood of blogging didn't really kick in.But c'mon before my blog becomes static,I'd better do something to prevent it.

I was supposed to be posting this entry weeks back but the enthusiasts didn't really kick in , so I decided to bottle it up and spill it out later.So now here I am spilling out the contents of an old solution.

Pictionary.Who don't know the game of Pictionary? So yeah.It was one of the mundane days in school where teacher enters the class doing nothing and students laze around in an unproductive way.But I got really cool friends.The Great Foursome-we played Pictionary instead of doing what my classmates normally do-zzzzzzzzzzzzz....

The game started well and it was incredulously fun and splendid.I paired up with Rhenu whilst Yenn paired up with I-vie.Definitely the YI team was leading seeing that I cannot decipher half of what Rhenu is drawing.As usual any game played by The Great Foursome will never missed out any laughing moments.Any game.

What do you reckon this is? Rhenu drew this diagram and guess what I said. I dived into words like ' breast,no breast,armpit,no breast, no dot'.When I said no dot,Rhenu and I wasted half of the time bursting into peals of laughter rather than her trying to figure out what to draw and me trying to decipher what Ms Artistic is drawing.

The answer is:Flat

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