Monday, March 10, 2008


If you would like to eat,drink,play,fun and sing at the same time theres only one stop: Green Box Karaoke. Located at the 2nd floor of Aeon Bukit Tinggi, one of the largest mall in klang this place is fun, happy and happening. It is great for everything (you name it) from birthday party, outing or even a reunion party. Seeing that my exams were over(wow!!!) my friends and I decided to check it out. I'd heard from some of my peers that this place is a teenager spot(which means that teen loves to hang out here).....of course!!!
Let me rant a bit about this place.There are few words to describe it: magnificent,marvelous,fantastic and awesome.At a rate of RM9.90 per person , one can enjoy their lunch,free flow of drinks and buffet.....and whats can sing at the same time....They have a variety of songs ranging from the 70's up to today's hits......whats more ..........the songs are designed specially to suit everyone's need..they have it in 3 different languages namely malay,mandarin and english...of course people like me won't benefit from it.....but somehow there are still people who benefits from it....The room is not crampy and just nice for an average human being(you know what i mean)......I just can say that its a fantastic getaway for everyone.

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