Friday, February 08, 2008

I laid in bed whole night reminiscing about the joyful moment when my PMR results were out.Apparently I intended to blog this entry the moment I got my results.Nevertheless the incessant feeling of success and a gesture of pride overwhelmed me , and by the end of the day I eventually decided to bottle up my intention.The night before my results were out, I was actually provoking my brother asking him about the possibilities of getting straight A's. I prayed hard before I went to bed. The next morning I woke up feeling anxiety. My heart rate was pounding incredibly fast. I had a quick breakfast and started ringing up Divya and Shankry to annoy them. At 9.20a.m sharp , I was already heading to the school. By the time I reached school , the school compound was already engulfed with a crowd of students.I make my way through the crowd and headed straight to the canteen. When i made my way through the crowd, I heard a few stuents chattering happily away. I finally reached the canteen and mustered up all my courage and without even stopping I headed directly to my class booth. I greeted my teacher and she immediately asked me to gather up all my certificates. When I eventually finished gathering, I exclaimed " I'm ready". My class teacher on the other hand already had the results ready in her hands. She took a last glance at the results and hand it over to me. Hence she congratulated me.I leaped with joy.All my hard work paid off(though i still managed a nap every afternoon). I called my mum and she shared my joy.I joined several other friends who passed with straight A's. Here in my blog today i would like to congratulate all my friends who managed to get straight A's.
Congratulation to
Khoo Iri

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