Friday, January 25, 2008

Hey check this out.If you're a daily reader of New Straits Times i'm adamant that u had come across this article. The health article was tittled TAKE A PICK: STRONG BONES OR HEART???
Studies shown that drinking milk and taking calcium supplements can actually lead to heart attack.Its so pathetic.I've started drinking milk at a very tender age.From what i knew all this while milk is a healthy drink used to prevent osteoporosis and rickets. Recently i've been doing numerous net search about nurition and food for my EST. Our specific tittle for the EST project is "The Mystery of The Milk " . I'm actually planning to concentrate more about the disadvantages of the milk.So far my effort paid off. I've got 2 newspaper cuttings about milk and its diadvantages. We're actually doing the project in a group and my group comprises of Kavitha(leader), Khoo Iri and Nur Jehan. Its compulsary to have a Malay girl in each team. Despite all the haste and pressure in Form 4 I decided to indulge myself more to school's activities.I voluntereed to represent my class for the debate competition. Who knows one day i'll be the country's top debater....hehehehhe.....i'm just dreaming......sigh......

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