Sunday, May 02, 2010

4 Months and That's it!!!

I always knew I was that girl.That  girl who never gives up easily and whose life was filled with incessant perseverance and determination.That girl who have her life goals set out and work hard towards it.But today,I was no longer that girl.I found myself looking at the mirror and I saw a different individual staring back at me.A girl who takes life for granted and never trying hard enough to meet her goals..
And for the first time this year,I prayed so hard for this new me to just vanish and disappear..

I found myself comparing the similarities in me during primary school and now..And I certainly could name a lot.But those years in primary school are the years that I would very much hope to put aside..Because though those years were filled with memories that proved difficult to get rid of,those were the years that I regretted much,that I wished I could put more effort it..And I certainly wish and pray that my years in college aren't like those years in primary.

On the other hand, high school had taught me lots.And those years in high school were the years I would never regret of the things I'd done.

And come to think of it,I'm 4 months into college..And what have I done so far..what have I done????

Nothing that would make me proud of myself..This time last year or the year before last,I was already soaring academically or had partially achieved my goals in high school..

Now that I am hit with a pang of realisation,it was already quite too late for me..This 4 months are the disgrace in my life and I never wish to prolong it further.

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