Thursday, April 19, 2007


Why do u think i tittled this post as aftershock?????

My computer just got corrupted after a heavy rain on monday.So the only thing the computer man can do to treat my computer is to wash everything away. Lovely pictures,documents and songs were destroyed in just a click.

But i'm trying my best to download everything again.

Before i forget, I've read an article on the internet (totally forgotten the url) that actually impressed me. Its some ways to avoid being hurt by someone. It doesn't matter whether its a love relationship or friendship.

1. Firstly do not be too close to them.Cuz when they leave u one day u'll be very hurt
2. Secondly do not be too good to them.They will start combing your hair.
3.Thirdly try not to do so much favour for them.Then they will take everything for granted.
4. Do not borrow them your things often.When there is a first time then there will be a second
5.Do not tell all your secrets to them.
6.Lastly do not tell everyone that she/he is your official mate

I just kind of summarise all this.So i'm not sure whether its working.Maybe i must start practicing the values to avoid being hurt by another one of my closest.

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