Sunday, March 26, 2006


26th March
Nothing special today!!Just a boring,dull day.Anyway i just got a blog today so i think i'm in the mood of updating it.Ok.The inter-drama competiton among classes had just ended.And our director says that we did very well.I don't know.I just went up there and started acting and talking.But the audiences are damn noisy.They're applausing non stop when tharshini said the love part.Aarghhhhhhhhhhh.I don't know, but i hope our class will win.Actually we don't really deserve it because we just started practising on Tuesday whilst for other classes,they're practising non stop like crazy girls.Omigod.Don't let them see what i wrote.They're probably chase me with a 'parang'.Ok!Ok! I will stop writing now.I'll try to tune in as often as possible.

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